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Jessey Rhodes truck

 Jessey Rhodes breaks record 11.340@126.05mph on July 15 2017 at Gateway Motorsports Park Diesel Wars Event in Madison, Illinois in his ZF6 Chevy 2500.  

The truck is an 05 Chevy 2500 hd lly that used to be a west Plaines Missouri co-op truck.  Corbin Russell bought it and took the utility bed off of the truck and got it looking pretty clean and lowered it.   After swapping him my blown up crew cab for the lighter regular cab.    I immediately knew the goal was to beat the manual trans record.  I've been wanting this record back when it was an 11.82.   So being a regular middle class guy I gutted the truck to save some money knowing it would be easier on the stock engine. I also knew it would take less power to get the record that way.  After getting a 12.3 at 111 mph with the stock turbo something had to change so I rounded up the cheapest new setup I could find.   That consists of a box s475/87/.90, used 100 over Exergy injectors,  a used dual fueler kit, and the truck already had a Exergy sportsman pump. The engine is studded with a tig welded water pump that's about it, besides the poor man's bolted engine mounts.  I leave the line at 4400 rpm and 12 pounds of boost with a ceramic dual disc south bent clutch in 3rd gear, followed by 3 full throttle upshifts. Didn't think I would get the record first test day but it just worked out. I also am proud of the stock engine and the 285/60/17 Toyo proxes st2s,  they could only net me a best of a 1.8 60 foot with the violent high rpm launches.   Attached are pictures of the truck and my time slip.   New fastest pass 10.912@130.27mph, which makes it the fastest stock motor ZF6 truck in the country.