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Congratulations Brett Deutsch NHRDA World Finals Champ Pro Street and New World record for ET 8.810@158mph



  This truck set two new records today, fastest VGT power DMax ever and most powerful VGT power DMax ever!               Dynoed 960hp on the tune that made this pass and his big tune dynoed 1105Hp/1650ftlbs.  When the trany tuning             gets dialed in then he will go for it with the big tune!  Amazing truck and Brett did an amazing job building it, Congrats!!!

White Lightning News

"Latest News On White Lightning"In the cab video of standing half mile race! Personal best pass in White Lightning 10.242@140.11mph!White Lightning new motor break in!Rolling tires from a 50...White Lightning powa!White Lightning in Tune 4 pedaling it!White Lightning 10.483@139.04mph!159.80mph pass in the 1/2mile for White Lightning!  This is the current 1/2mile Diesel truck world record holding [...]

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